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Our tailored supply services

Building on our well-established in-house capabilities, we offer integrated solutions to simplify logistics operations to reduce cost and risk for our customers. We leverage our global fleet, project management abilities, and third-party partnerships, and manage all project interfaces to become the single point of contact for our customers. With the flexibility of our network and technical expertise, we are able to deliver solutions that meet complex project needs.

Whatever your business, Orbico Supply believes your time, skills and knowledge should be focused on what you do best – without the distraction of difficult supply chain issues.

To achieve optimum results, Orbico Supply offers a comprehensive suite of robust solutions and services that will maximise the benefits of outsourcing some or all of your logistics operations.

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We provide full warehouse service in the areas of receiving, storing, necessary manipulation and distribution of goods.

Our strategically located distribution centres offer storage at the temperature and humidity required by you.

Full operational control is ensured by properly selected and configured IT systems, and the high quality of service of your orders is supported by warehouse automation systems and intelligent IT algorithms.

Our co-packing team offers a range of services in the preparation of goods, depending on business needs.

These services include the design and manufacture of new packaging, repackaging, the creation of promotional kits, the application of label changes and other additional services.

We provide transport of goods to our distribution centers as well as services in delivery of the goods to recipients.

We have our own extensive transport network covering a fleet of several hundreds delivery vehicles, we cooperate with external suppliers of full truck load and groupage transport services, including courier transport.

Depending on your needs, we enable next-day delivery, and very competitive transport conditions in Europe.

We have a network of  distribution centers and cross-dock warehouses in Europe, optimizing transport time and costs.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of logistics solutions for our clients in the area of distribution and contract logistics.

Using this knowledge, our specialists will help you plan your logistics network to support your business needs.

We perfectly understand the needs of e-commerce logistics, offering effective systems for collecting and sorting goods, as well as an customized approach in the field of packaging.

Our warehouse automation systems actively support late cut-off time, allowing our customers to offer competitive ordering hours for end customers.

Diversified forms of delivery offered in entire region, including courier delivery, to parcel machines, pick-up points and with the support of our own transport fleet complement this picture, building a significant competitive advantage of our customers in the area of e-commerce.

In cooperation with our call-center and financial and accounting facilities, we provide full support for the process of distribution of goods in various channels, including trade and modern, e-commerce, B2B and B2C, sharing the best practices developed in this field over the years of collecting experience.

Today's logistics, in order to take full advantage of the scale of its capabilities, must be supported by IT systems.

Our extensive IT systems of WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transport Management System), WCS (Warehouse Control System) and OMS (Order Management System) classes support the warehouse and transport processes at various stages of your orders.

We effectively integrate with customer systems, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of data necessary for the proper implementation of the service, when  our team of IT professionals provides advice on designing the best solutions in this area.

Reverse logistics is an integral part of our services, being a special component in a number of projects we support.

From initiating the return by the customer through its effective return and settlement, all elements make up the final "customer experience".

Our cross-border solutions in this area determine the final customer satisfaction and his decision in the form of making subsequent repetitive purchases.