Areas of our core competency


Excelence in managing stock and  delivering FMCG products via different distribution channels is our core competency.

We deliver different type of FMCG products via several distribution channels, covering modern and traditional trade, where on time in full delivery is basic fundamental of the cooperation both with vendors and recipients of the products.

We know importance and consequences of non-compliant deliveries, therefore our countinous improvement is never ending story, re-inventing way how we work for this category.


We serve a number of brands in the segment of professional cosmetics, as well as these intended directly for consumers.

We take care of both the proper storage conditions of this demanding category, as well as ensure the expected level of quality in terms of their distribution, including preparation of the product, method of packaging or wide possibilities of various delivery options.

Tech - electronic / Telecommunication

We have the appropriate competence in the field of logistics services for electronic and electrical products, ensuring their proper storage conditions and flow control.

We control goods at the level of each individual piece, recording their serial numbers and / or IMEI, ensuring full visibility of the product throughout the supply chain.


We provide logistics services for products from the category of tobacco products, both traditional and modern.

In addition to the appropriate storage conditions, it is particularly important in their service to be able to reach a wide network of points of sale at a competitive market time while maintaining all the formal requirements of trade in the category of goods. 


The e-commerce industry, which has been on a fast growth path in recent years, requires support of an appropriate logistics partner.

Thanks to its regional presence, modern infrastructure and extensive transport network, Orbico is the right response to this demand.

Intergation with sales platforms, courier and parcel lockers networkss, cross-border shipments, return handling and many others create significant advantages of our offer in this area.


Orbico provides logistics services for customers from the "fashion" industry on the basic assortment of shoes, clothes and accessories.

We distribute these goods both in the area of e-commerce, as well as to a number of retail chains in Europe.

We offer a regional approach, enabling efficient delivery throughout the region of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to Western European markets. We handle goods at the full pallet level, but also pieces , requiring an individual way of packing and personalized delivery.


Food products require special attention to the conditions of their storage and delivery. Orbico in Europe offers service for dry food products that require storage at room temperature, as well as more demanding products requiring controlled temperature.

We serve a number of products from the food industry such as coffee, tea, beverages, chips and a number of others, requiring thorough control of shelf life and records of production series. We know how important it is to minimize the risks occurring in the trade of this product.


We support a number of other, not mentioned above commodity categories, such as industrial lubricants and oils, pharmaceutical (OTC) products, toys or alcoholic beverages.

We invite you to talk about handling any other project if your needs go beyond the area mentioned earlier.

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